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Last week I had a vision. It was a vision of a version of myself I had forgotten. A version of myself that I had pushed aside, stepped away from, pretended I was over, past, done with.  But, instead of this vision remaining a memory, it demanded to be reawakened!

How do I know this? Because the aching in my soul was so deep and so strong, the desire so powerful that I called out!

I CRIED out!

I made it my status on Facebook (cuz we all know our status on FB validates us …. wink wink).

It went something like this:

“Meekah Sage…..is dreaming of dusty leather boots, a bad ass ‘ole pick-em-up truck, a dog, talismans wrapped around my neck and wrist….heading out into the unknown with journal, art pens, sketchbook and camera….seeking the stories of the land…”

within minutes, I co-manifested the perfect boots through an amazing healing woman and good friend of mine who felt like she was wearing someone else’s shoes every time she put them on!

Within a matter of days they were on my feet and ready to transport me into a new but familiar old adventure.

 I paired these magick boots with the vision of myself in my new memory, and a transformation took place. It was as if my long lost soul was reborn. I felt so natural in my skin, in my inspiration, on the land, in my boots. I felt a power re-surge. I felt my spirit spread her wings and catch the currents. I scrambled up hillsides to hear the crow’s call clearer.

I RE- discovered my WILD WESTERN Self!!

Now all I need is to manifest my new old truck, the freedom, time and resources ($) to explore this enchanted WILD western story everyday!

( I already have the dog, camera, journal, sketchbook, art pens and talismans! ;))

xo Magickal Manifesting Meekah ❤