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One day not too long ago, I walked into my cabin home

I didn’t even sit at my desk, I stood

I grabbed a pencil and my drawing pad

It’s not as if I planned to do this piece, or that it had been floating around in my mind for some time

It simply just came out in one spontaneous moment.

I couldn’t question, doubt, or interfere. He just wanted to be seen, and I needed to see him.

He now sits on my desk at all times, and I know that he is watching me

and he sees more than the average owl {not that owls are average by any means mind you…but you understand}

That eye, the one that is full of depth and great mystery, the all seeing eye

I find myself swimming in it, getting lost in it, being drawn in

the world on the other side only for the brave, the wicked, the pure, and those willing to be exposed to the truth

He entices me to delve deeper, to find the answers and know the questions

only then, only after I have honored the gifts that he offers can I give him to the world

I promise to do my part so that I may add  him to the enlightened collection at my Shop

image and content copyright 2012 daily wild, meekah sage. please do not use without written permission. thank you.