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Exploring these ancient, mystical, rugged lands  feels much like being entranced by something so ethereal and mysterious yet undeniably dangerous despite its beauty and magnetism.

Navigating this terrain requires the ability to surrender to the power of  Gaia herself

of light and dark, of life and death.

Beware to all that enter, for a hypnotic state is often the result of crossing into this borderless land. The edges of the skin seem to dissipate out into the atmosphere, creating a sense of formlessness as one maneuvers over old volcanic lava flow, dry washed out river beds, and seemingly out of place new wetlands that hug the edge of small dreamlike streams.

The beings that are present here will sing a song similar to a siren entrancing the listener to linger long in timelessness, knowing not of the hours of the passing sun. The humming and buzzing of life is apparent and birds flit about, instigating a game of chase with the light and each other. How can such life survive here? Green watercress growing strong in the inches of water that seeps through the silty sand. It makes no sense…..in the common form of the word…..it makes perfect sense to the feral spirit.

It is tempting in its lushness and yet can take your life in a matter of seconds.

Scratchy dead branches of long forgotten trees and shrubs grab at your clothes and threaten to dig into your skin leaving trickles of blood meandering over the landscape of one’s appendages. Rock fall is heavy from above and what seemed stable quickly becomes a death trap.  The hot dry air, quickly drains the life force from your body and if you haven’t brought enough nourishment along, a hazy lightheaded state is soon triggered.

Strange creatures abound to dizzy you in circles of counter clockwise motion, leaving you only to face the most dangerous creature of all

 the shadow of your own soul.

It is a place of intricate balance of the chiaroscuro of life

It is Diablo Canyon.

a delicate balance of churiascuro as only Gaia herself can paint