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Here’s a little something I’m working on this week

I am loving the planet Venus in Virgo during this new moon from Monday. I’m still resonating with the energy and plan to honor it all week, owning its sovereign sacred feminine power. Virgo is my rising sign which tends to attribute to  my need for perfection, an overly analytical mind and my intense focus on organization and process.

But, with Venus in Virgo, I am allowing myself the opportunity to LOVE my earthy-ness, my empathetic caring nature, my love of nature, and even my desire to create perfection in my artwork.

Even if that means there has to be a square border to contain the piece in some sense of structure.

So, here is this week’s WIP~it (work in progress)

I love my work space. It’s a 600 sq. ft cabin/casita off the grid. It caters to my earthy Virgoness and helps me remain grounded. (A hard task with a pisces moon).

This piece has been in the works for months. From idea, to sketch, to coloring page, to now finally working on a mixed media finish. I have a plan for this illustration and it is more than just an art print…so stay tuned!

Virgo Fox~ copyright Daily Wild/Meekah Sage 2012