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Welcome to Freebie Friday!!!!

I am so excited to offer to you,

This week’s Freebie is …….drum roll please……

Get One of These Awesome Handmade, hand embroidered mini-carry-all stash pouches

with the purchase of one of my handmade MOJO talisman necklaces listed on my Talisman page


No clasp, just slip over your head!

There are ONLY 2 of these bags left to GIVEAWAY! So Don’t Miss Out, They are ridiculously Awesome!

Great For:

~ Holding your Favorite Tarot Card Deck

~ Stashing just about anything about 4″ x6″ or smaller

~ Tote around your magickal power up Stones

~ Use as a gift bag for someone else

~ Carry your phone or Ipod in it

 ~ Stash all your awesome mini-lip balms, herbal remedies, perfumes or anything you must have on you as a DIVINE SACRED EARTH GODDESS

~Put all your power up pieces in it and place on your altar

~ Use for specific rituals, such a beautiful medicine bag

~ Use Your Own Great Ideas~