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Tonight we went for a walk in the woods under a 3/4 full moon in Pisces! No headlamp needed, just blue moon light illuminating the trees swaying in the cool wind, an indicator the cold front predicted is  on its way! The flash of two four leggeds racing by us in all directions, their coats mistaken for moonlight in the flesh. Into the shadows, over the hills out into the light,  dashing and dodging, leaping and frolicking about. We strolled with idle conversation and brief silences, fully enamored with the night sky. Walks  under the night sky are best this time of year, the stars seem brighter, the moon bigger and clearer.

But Did  You Also Know?

Venus is the gorgeous Morning Star, far outshining all other planets and stars with its brightness of magnitude -4.1. Look for it blazing in the east during and after morning twilight. If you watch carefully from week to week, you will notice that Venus is losing a little height in October. By month’s end it rises around 4:30 A.M. local daylight time, only 90 minutes before twilight commences. The planet is certainly worth a look in a telescope – hunt it down as late as you can in the bright twilight or even daylight, when it is very high. The best telescopic views of Venus are in a bright sky.


Venus goes through phases just like our Moon. It will
go from full, to gibbous (partially full), to a quarter,
and finally to a crescent. NASA

The sky is equally as magical in the early morning as at night! Get up early and soak up some of that Venus Love Planet energy! And see if you don’t just feel a little more enamored all day!