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On the land, I walk. The earth is my greatest ancestor. She is home to all the rocks, trees, plants, animals, winged ones, creepy crawlies and more that hold the wisdom of the ages, of time….the wisdom of me.


This time of year, all is illuminated right before the darkest of nights and shortest of days. Around the time of Samhain, the veil is at its thinnest. For those who speak the language of the land, this means there is more room among us for the dead, the spirit, those who have passed.

SHADOW * REFLECTION * ILLUMINATION ~ The powers of a magician, of life and death.

For me, I must stray from the worn beaten path. Stepping between the tufts of golden grass and serpentine weaving through dead prickly pear and chollo cactus that bear a striking resemblance to skeletons. This part of my Wild lands is heavily populated by coyote and the sign is everywhere. I ponder my own place within the spaces in between. A kin to a wild animal, I follow my instincts to the top of the hill to get a broader view.

Ahead of me, a small illuminated circle of grass that has gone to seed beckons I sit in its center.


I nestle in and face East for the element of AIR, absorbing the golden rays of Sun. My body knows that the shadow time is upon us and I must soak up the light while I can. My mind begins to quiet and I stop for a moment trying to figure out how in the world I”m going to create all that I need to make it through the winter. Instead, I open to receive the messages of my ancestors…..


My attention settles on a gnarly looking root. I am unaware of its original origin, perhaps a cactus or other succulent considering the terrain. I notice a hint of ease and anticipation about the coming months of hibernation, dream time and winter rooting. I recall how I am about to begin Sean Donahue’s year long Plant Magic course and recognize that moments like these will be opportune to truly tap into more plant and earth wisdom, root it into my being, and use it to create all that I need and desire. I know deep in my essence that immersing into this course and continuing with my ongoing dedication to becoming the artist that I’ve always sought to be is waiting for me just on the other side of the veil! I begin to dream seeds of new art pieces  I will create, manifest, express and share with the world! I am at once shedding and releasing the past year’s decay and also receiving the new dream seeds.


I am overcome with a kowing that all is right.  I am in the right place even though I don’t have a regular steady normal job. I know that even though I can see the city and the tiny little cars with all the little people rushing off to their “normal” Monday morning routines, I am out here among the mountains, the plains, the his/herstory, the earth, the elements, my own creativity, spirit and being. This is right, this is where I should be. This IS my “work”. This IS my “calling”. This is WHO I AM! One with the land, the seasons, the wild feral creatures and plants, the magic that creates all that I see and experience. This is what I am meant to bring to life in my magic in my ART! I am in rhythm, harmony, and true connection with that which sustains me. And as I rise and give offering of a piece of my own hair to this place on the land and all who have imparted their message upon me, I pause briefly to allow the wisdom to integrate into my third eye…becoming intuition..seeing through new perceptions.