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D A I L Y * W I L D  day 23

~ the importance of warming up~

today i start laying out the zine. i have alot of content, but more ideas. it is all swimming around in a big mosh pit in my brain. being that i have less than a week until i release the first issue, it is probably best that i start working on some kind of order. eeeek!

as i mentioned at the beginning of this project process, i had to be open to allowing the idea to be an organic part of the ultimate creation. it seems i knew early on that my entire life would be happening in between all the spaces that this project would be developing.

so here i am, starting to freak a little bit, because i am not as far along as i had planned. although i must admit i work well under pressure, i am also a bit of a control freak. the combination can lead to some interesting outcomes….

so, this morning, i sat down to start to actually find some cohesion to how this little piece of magnificence will come together. i opened my sketch book to pull out some paper to play with and discovered some pressed plants i had gathered this fall from the land in Happy Valley. distraction???? perhaps. inspiration??? always. the two together??? Creative Warm Up!!

i figured, certainly it would not hurt to play a bit before getting to work. it did not take long for the ideas to come alive, for the right side of my brain to begin to stretch its muscles and expand my view.

soon, i found myself playing with scale

adding elements

playing with imagination

and ultimately beginning to set the stage for a story

as an athlete, i understand fully the importance of warming up before exercising and playing a sport. it takes those moments of awakening the body and the mind on a physical level in order to have them work together at optimal performance. however, i am also impulsive. i like to dive right in and get going. but before today, i had not practiced the art of ‘warm-up’ before starting the creative process. as i allowed my brain and my imagination to wake up through some simple exercises and play, i was able to witness immediate results of expansion and evolution of thought and action. i literally relaxed and let go of expectation and now feel ready to tackle my work goals for the rest of the morning.

if all else fails, you can always fall back on advice from “Zombieland”.

for example, one of the major rules of surviving Zombieland is to


so go for it…tell yourself or your even your boss…” if you want me to operate at my optimal peak performance, it is imperative that i first LIMBER UP!” now you decide what LIMBERING UP is for you!

Cheers! HAVE FUN!